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Visitor Behavior Analysis


Visitor behavior is the key to any business that lays a lot of stress on its website. It basically involves studying the traffic that visits the website. At ORO Web Solutions, our aim is to help our customers understand the objectives of their website. It’s only when we have been able to assist our clients in figuring out the reason for tracking visitor behavior, are we able to assess individual actions and events on their site.

What sets us apart from the rest though is the stress we put on targeting meaningful actions and events on clients’ website.We believe that more targeted the visitor; the higher will be the chances of him/her making a purchase or filling out a crucial form. The underlying goal is to make the visitor spend a good amount of time on the website. One of the important ways to enhance visitor behavior is by bringing in quality traffic to the site. So whether it is through keywords or the GUI or even the copy, our recommendations to our clients go a long way in improving visitor behavior which in turn leads to higher sales/signup conversions. In a nutshell, our team is always there to help our clients get the best visitors.

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