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Traffic Source Analysis


Have you ever thought how a visitor ends up reaching your website? If not, then we have the answer for you. At ORO Web Solution, we are engaged in not just spotting the sources from where the visitors are coming, but, in addition, we also help our clients in paying attention to the key metrics that assist in evaluating the sources.

For one, there is the direct traffic. In this, the visitor directly types the website URL in the browser and enters the site. In this, our aim is to measure the percentage of new visitors that access the website directly. It gives a good understanding to the business owner about his brands overall strength. Then, referral traffic is another form wherein traffic reaches the website via a link on another website.For referral traffic we sit with the customers to make them aware of sites through which maximum visitors are reaching their website.

Organic traffic is the one where a visitor reaches the website through a click on the listings of a search engine result. We work on a set of right keywords to maximize organic traffic. And last, the traffic visiting the website through pay-per-click process is called paid traffic. For paid traffic, we put in a lot of effort so that the visitors can spend a longer period of time on the website.

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